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Adding Multiple voucher codes in Magento


To set up multiple voucher codes in magneto. For example 10% off


Go to Promotions> shopping cart price rules


click on add new rule


enter the rule information:




customer groups


Select Specific coupon and click on Use Auto Generation.


Enter information for (if required)


Uses per Coupon

Uses per Customer

From Date

To Date


Public In RSS Feed

Enter any conditions you need on the conditions tab if required.

On the actions tab on the drop down for apply change this to Fixed amount discount for whole cart.

On Discount Amount set this to 10 for 10%off



fill out the additional information if required for:

Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To

Discount Qty Step (Buy X)

Apply to Shipping Amount

Free Shipping

Stop Further Rules Processing


It is possible to add additional conditions to the code under the header of:


Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items)


once this is complete click on save and continue.


Once the shopping cart price rule is saved an additional tab appears called :

Manage coupon codes


where you can add the:

Coupon Qty

Coupon Length

Coupon Format

Code Prefix (optional)

Code Suffix (optional)

Dash Every X Characters (optional)

once these are filled in then click on the generate button and the system will create the coupon codes, which will be displayed below.






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