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Installation the PERSONALISE-iT Magento Extension (updated)

1) Here is the plugin for your Magento installation:
Here 2 documents that will help during the installation and configuration in any case:
2) You need an API key and Company Number (then refers both to the first test-login) (you will get your own API key from our implementers team)
API Key:  jnwd9vezh7k7doo76r99hmrxdyb
Company number: 13938
And the paths that need to be adjusted:
If you have the module installed, then you should add some test products for test if everything works. Please integrate these product examples:
Product 2 - Phone Case iPhone 6 Plus - 2D - default browser:  http: //app.gateway3d. Com / ACP / APP / l = ACP2 # p = 1068981 & r = 2D canvas & guid = 13938
Then enter here the links in Magento product range:
Your should then already see the Gateway3D configurator in your Magento shop including the product.
Sometimes you don´t see the Gateway3D configurator, thats then an issue with your custom magento theme - if so then please read carefully this section in the document below: Using Custom Themes (page 2):
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