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What Fonts Are Available In CPP


A list of publicly available fonts on the CPP for use with 2d and 3d Products can be found here:

Important Note: There is currently no control to influence tracking, kerning and leading of any font type on the platform. The default metrics of the fonts are used.

*There is currently a known limitation when trying to set multiple fonts from the same font 'Family' eg italic, bold variations etc... In these scenarios, the system can only register one of the fonts for display purposes in the App/output. 



If the font you require is not listed here, we can add fonts as per your requirements. Users of the platform cannot currently import their own fonts, this has to be done by Gateway staff. Please raise a support query with the necessary information and send to

Please note: Custom Gateway cannot guarantee cross platform compatibility for any imported fonts, as this can be affected by factors beyond the influence of our technology. For example, some Operating Systems and Browsers may render fonts differently based on the metrics defined within the font file when it was originally created. 

For these reasons we highly recommend the use of fonts that have been optimised for web usage as they generally render more consistently across the board, eg Google Fonts.

For more technical compatibility information see: Fonts | Troubleshooting and Compatibility


There are two options available for font imports:

1. Google Fonts (FREE)

Google fonts can be quickly added to the platform at no cost - it is a completely free service (and many are already installed). The Google fonts get added to the Public folder for all to access.

The range of Google fonts can be viewed here (please consider this is regularly added to, so the list may not be a true reflection of what is now on the system):


2. TTF / OTF Fonts

We can install any ttf or otf font onto the platform - there may be cost implications depending on volume as these have to be done manually.

The pricing of TTF and OTF font installations is based on the file handling, categorisation management on CPP, and a conversion process which makes the files compatible for use on the system.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that all necessary permissions and usage rights are adhered to as per the font licensing agreement.

We highly recommend that you actively cross browser / platform test the font to ensure no compatibility issues.




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