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Adding crop marks to your 2d Print Output


Adding Crop Marks to your 2d Print Output


The product (in this case 2d but the principle will work for 3d as well) requires two print areas and a print area layout

Print Area #1 = Print area of the product
Print Area #2 = Print area of the crop marks

Print Area Layout = Print area of the product and the crop marks combined


1. Create the 2d view using the standard approach.

2. Add a print area for the Product and a print area for the Crop marks (see Fig 1)

          Fig. 1

3. Add the 300dpi Crop marks artwork (typically a transparent png) to the crop marks print area (see Fig 2)

          Fig. 2

4. Create a print area layout which combines the two print areas.  The order should be product print area above and crop marks beneath it so that the product print output is placed on top of the crop marks print output . (see Fig 3).

           Fig. 3

 5. As usual, print test your product to make sure the output is correct.  Outputs from print area layouts appear under the 'Merged Outputs' heading. (see Fig 4)

          Fig. 4


 *** Update ***


It is now possible to add cut or crop marks using the Advanced Artwork tab under Print areas.

Upload your vector file (.ai or .pdf) and choose Vector Cut Line as the Type and for Fit-mode choose Exact

Select Vector PDF when print testing (or make sure your company ref ID is set up to deliver Vector PDF files) and the vector cut line will be added as an additional layer above the generated content in your pdf output.






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