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OMS Reporting: Order Details (With Prices)


To access your "Order Details (with prices)" report please follow these steps


1) Log into our Gateway 3D OMS System at


2) Using the left side navigation under "Print It" select "Reporting"


3) This will bring up the Reporting window where you can select various options to tailor the report generated

a) Company - select the company you want to report on

b) Date From - is a date picker and allows you to select the earliest date to include orders from

c) Date to - is a date picker and allows you to select the latest date to include orders to

d) Type - allows you to select the type of report generated - so in this example should be "Order Details (with prices)" *see image below




Once generated and downloaded this report generates a CSV format document which can be opened in spreadsheet software and Manipulated / Filtered as required.


If you have any issues with this at all please email us at



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