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Custom Background Images



To further enhance the visual appeal of your 2D/3D Product, you can add a Custom Background Image to be displayed behind it (rather than include it in the 2D View). This means that you can easily change out the background simply by uploading a different file - so you could have a background that is applicable to each product type, or to each artwork design in a particular product range. 

Important Note: The image that you use will be scaled to fit the 800 x 800px 2D View, therefore the image should be square and sized accordingly to ensure there is no loss of quality. In order for the Custom Background to display, the 2D View must have transparency - this is not relevant in 3D as the background will always be visible.

The Images need to be uploaded to the Background Image slot in the Assets section of the Basic Details - see Figure 1. For 3D products the menu will have a longer list of assets.

Figure 1

Take a look at these examples:

Photo on the wall!


A Beer in the Pub!


Phone Case in Space!

The possibilities are endless, so get creating and make your products stand out with Custom Background Images!

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