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How to set up an iPad as an Instore Kiosk


Once you have purchased one of our iPad Kiosk Stands you will need to configure your iPad for kiosk usage detailed below are some simple set-up options to keep it running smoothly.

1. Lock your iPad down

Personalise-iT Kiosk Apps are run in web browsers so it is recommended to lock down your tablet to a single web page using one of our approved browser lock down apps


2. Restrict use of hardware buttons

Guided Access also allows you to enable or disable hardware buttons on your iPad, including the Sleep/Wake and Volume buttons. Once your app is opened in Guided Access mode, select Hardware Buttons Options. Switching off Sleep/Wake Button and Volume Buttons disables their use meaning these buttons will not respond if pressed by users.

This may not be needed if you have chosen a tablet kiosk that physically blocks off these buttons


3. Screen setting changes to keep content alive

Stop your screen from timing out through inactivity by selecting:

  • Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never

Restrict users from accessing the device’s settings/changing apps:

  • Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures > Off
  • Settings > Control Centre > Access within Apps > Off

Stop push notification alerts appearing from other apps:

  • Settings > Notification Centre > Switch all apps that appear in the Include list to > Off

Stop your screen from dimming if the light sensor is covered:

  • Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > Off


4. Optimising your iPad’s performance

Other settings changes to help your iPad run more efficiently include:

  • Regularly downloading Apple’s software updates which can preserve battery life and fix bugs, available under General Settings > System Updates
  • Switching off 3G/4G if your device relies on WiFi use only, or switch off both if an internet connection is not necessary for your content
  • Turning off extra features that are not needed, such as GPS location services, Bluetooth and vibrate
  • Disabling Background App Refresh under General Settings, to stop your device continually refreshing applications that are not in use



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