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Consideration when Products are added to eCommerce Websites


When setting up your customisable products it is also worth understand how they can work on an eCommerce website 

Detailed below are the considerations when using a Magento website 

  1. Colour Options - usually these are set in the customiser so can be previewed but people also need to pass data into their eCommerce site - to make this happen you need to set up a custom option in Magento that is called the same as the colour area in Gateway CPP. This will also work for products that use an Attribute for colour
  2. Attributes - these can be anything like Size etc - also work in the same way as colour (selected in customise) - so a Custom Option is also needed in Magento that matches the Attribute in Gateway CPP for this to show in Magento
  3. Grouped Products - when you have a product that has size options and you want to customise one product but order several eg clothing - you can set up the size options as Simple Products in Magento - so there is master product with a simple product for each size - that way the customiser or personalisation app can auto display the size options for selection 
  4. Configurable Products - these cannot be used for customisable products but will work for stock items and print on demand products - for print on demand our system will auto create attributes for size rather than needing a configurable product to be created so as a general rule only use configurable products for non decorated stock items
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