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How to Set Up an Android Tablet as an Instore Kiosk


1. Lock your Android tablet down using a restricted browser

Personalise-iT Kiosk Apps are run in web browsers so it is recommended to lock down your tablet to a single web page using one of our approved browser lock down apps


2. Screen setting changes to keep content alive

Stop your screen from timing out through inactivity:

  • Settings > Display > Screen timeout > 30 minutes

As the screen timeout has a maximum limit of 30 minutes, using an app such as No Lock Screen (available on Google Play Store) will stop the screen from automatically timing out after 30 minutes. Just download and run.

Stop your screen from dimming if the light sensor is covered:

  • Settings > Display > Brightness > Automatic Brightness > Off

Toggle the slider to your own brightness preference and press OK.


3. Optimising your Android tablet’s performance

A quick way to check which hardware, apps and processes are draining your tablet’s battery is by going to Settings > Battery. Also, try a few of these tips to optimise your tablet’s performance:

  • Reduce the screen brightness level in Settings > Display > Brightness
  • Switch off 3G/4G if your device relies on using WiFi only, or switch off both if an internet connection is not necessary for your content
  • Turn off extra features that are not needed, such as GPS location services and Bluetooth
  • Turn off Auto-sync (on apps that are not in use) to stop your tablet from syncing information with online servers in Settings > Accounts and Sync


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