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Emailing your Order Confirmation from a Point of Sale App


Once you have set up a Point of Sale Link you have a few options on how to collect / print the artwork instore

  1. Print a Receipt with Order Number for Customer
  2. Staff can go direct to view job in Print / Order Manager  
  3. Order details can be emailed to customer (covered by this article)

Here is an example Kiosk App that will email the customer the artwork

When you add to Cart the following screen appears

To set up the app url you need to add /oe/true at the end of the Point of Sale Link (eo stands for email order).


When this link is set up the following process happens

  1. When the user then clicks "Add to Cart" or "Order Now" they will be prompted to enter their email address.
  2. After entering it and clicking submit they will recieve the email with the instructions on where to collect their order
  3. The text on the email comes from the "Notes" field on each product so be sure to set the notes fields for each product with the information on what they need to do to collect their order for that product
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