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Magento: Category Sort Order


To set the sort order of products in your categories follow these steps


1) Log into your magento admin panel




3) In the site tree structure select the category you which to organise


4) In the main window you will see various tabs, select the last tab titles "Category Products


5) Here you will see a table of all of the products in the category, the final column of this table is "position" this the sort order


Items as default go in as "0" - so to move items to the top set the sort order into the negative range (i.e. "-10") and to move lower set the sort in the positive range (i.e. "5")


Ensure you save before leaving the page to ensure you dont lose any work



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    Read article, followed instruction but didn't work.

    Rang technical support, asked to speak to author but he was on the phone [ always on the phone, not heard from my project manager for months ]

    Spoke to another operative, who did his best to help but in the end had to pass it on to someone else and raised a ticket.