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Setting Up Dynamic Pricing in Magento


Dynamic pricing can either be set in your Gateway CPP Admin Panel > Customisable Product Management or as Custom Options in Magento 

The article below explains how to set up the options in Magento using custom options

Please note you must copy the exact words for the Custom Option Name and have the PERSONALISE-iT Magento Extension installed and configured for this to work correctly

1. Number of Image Colours - this is passed if you have this option turned on (on your PERSONALISE-iT App) to automatically detect number of colours 

2. Number of Print Areas - this is used if you want to just add a fixed price everytime somebody decorates an area on products like an item of clothing (so price changes if they decorate front and pack)

3. Colours - you can price different colours at different rates - eg White product cheaper than coloured product

4. Effects - you can change a price for different decoration options eg Embroidery costs more than Screen Print

5. Attribute Group - for example size XXXL could be more expensive than small

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