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Amending Orders for Reprints


When items get damaged in the post or customers realise they have added the wrong name then artwork sometimes need to be re-generate or a job sent back to production

There are 2 easy ways to make this happen

  1. Go to Order Manager
  2. Find the Order by searching
  3. Click the "Details" button on the order line then select the items tab
  4. Click the "Rebatch" button underneath the image and a new print job will be sent to the production system (how this works does depend on which integration method you are using)

If you want to update the artwork before rebatching - click the link to Print Manager (on the order line) and then click the edit option and you will see the screen below for text and images - you can then replace images and change text before rebatching the artwork

 If your artwork has been created outside the system or you are wanted to edit a "Textural" Product then you can need to click the "Advanced Option" under the product next to "Rebatch" and and you can edit the text fields to rebatch

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