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Options for Invoicing Orders


Although Gateway OMS is not an accounting system it does enable you to generate invoices and post them to your accounts system 

Invoices can be generated in 2 ways (driven by Company GUID)

  • Automatically once order despatched
  • Manually when you select orders

Invoices can either be created for

  • Resellers or Key Accounts
  • Direct for End Users

Attached to this post is an example invoice format - your logo, address, bank and contact details can be added - logo can auto change if required dependant on website

To set up the auto invoicing you simply need to go into the Companies Database and select the option to auto generate invoices either - daily, weekly or monthly

To invoices manually go into the Order Manager and select the orders you want to invoice and select 

Invoice Combined - as the name suggests this will create a combined invoice for all the orders selected for a specific client - it works on a GUID / Company basis - it is designed for invoicing resellers or key accounts that purchase a lot of products from you and do not want single invoices

Invoice Individual - as the name suggestwill raise 1 invoice for each order - ideal for retailers invoicing users direct

Both options also now have the ability to invoice all the orders that are displayed on the screen once a filter has been applied saving you the task of manually clicking the plus button

Prices for invoices are calculated as follows

  1. Prices passed from website taking the order are used if they exist
  2. If no prices on order prices taken from eCommerce section of Gateway Product Database
  3. Nominal codes are also taken from the product database in Gateway - if invoices are being posted to the accounts system 
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