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Options for your Suppliers to Receive Orders


This article explains the options for suppliers to receive and confirm orders from websites running the Gateway Order Management System (OMS)


It covers 3 key areas


  • Receiving an Order
  • Confirming the Receipt of an Order
  • Confirming the Despatch of an Order



Section 1 - Receiving An Order

We offer 4 ways to receive order so you can choose the option that best suits your production process


1.1 Orders eMailed to you in body of the email

1.2 Orders eMailed to You as an attachment - csv or xml once per day

1.3 Order Collected from Server Folder (yours or ours) - separate csv or xml for each order

1.4 Log in to get Orders - you get email notification that you have new orders and logon to collect them

1.5 Use our API to collect orders and process them how you want


As well as the essential Order Details we also provide


  • PDF Branded Delivery Note - includes integrated address label and barcode to scan
  • Artwork file to Download - either full artwork or just personalised text
  • We also have the option to add orders direct to carrier system (if tracking required)


1.1 Orders emailed to you as they are placed

1.2 All Orders for the day are emailed in a single spreadsheet  

1.3 Orders added as csv or xml files to a folder on your server or our server

1.4 Login to our Portal to Collect Orders - click for artwork and delivery note

1.5 Use our API to collect orders -


Section 2 - Confirming Receipt of An Order

It is important for us to know that you have received our order as we do not waste your time chasing for confirmation and this then makes it easier to identify any orders not received or delivered


At this stage you also have the ability to set an order as QC Query - if you have any problems with the order


2.1 Upload CSV File

via FTP

2.2 Logon to

Gateway OMS

2.3 Change Order

Status via API


2.1 Upload CSV - just  single column CSV with our Order Number is required to confirm receipt of order

2.2 Login to our Portal to confirm order received by updating status to “Received by Supplier” or upload a csv via portal

2.3 Use our API to update order status -


Section 3 - Confirming Despatch of An Order

This will update our website and customers that the order is on its way and will also reduce time consuming communications between us


At its most simple level we just need to know the orders has been despatched. However if applicable we can also store


  • Carrier Name
  • Carrier Service
  • Carrier Tracking ID


3.1 Upload CSV File

via FTP

3.2 Logon to

Gateway OMS

3.3 Change Order Status

via API


3.1 Upload CSV -  just single column CSV with our Order Number is required to confirm despatch of order

3.2 Log in to Confirm Despatch - as per example below

3.3 Use our API to update order status -

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