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Configuring the Magento Auto Import Extension


The Magento Auto Import Extension enables products to be auto added to your Gateway Site / Magento Website

It has been designed to work with 

  • Gateway Custom Product Platform (CPP)

Once installed go to System > Configuration > Gateway 3D Settings > Auto Product Import

Here you get the options to 

  1. Apply Price Rules - see below
  2. Round up or down prices
  3. Decide whether to import based on categories / products
  4. Decide whether to allow updates to overwrite names of categories and products
  5. Map tax classes
  6. Add your gateway CPP User Name, Password & Company ID - this then controls what data is imported from Gateway CPP

To Set Up a Pricing Rule

Go to Catalog > Gateway 3D Auto Import > Import Rules

Here you get the opportunity to add different pricing rules for entre site, different suppliers, different products or categories 

You can have either a Minimum / Maximum Price, Mark Up by a Fixed Amount or a Percentage




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