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What browsers support Web GL 3D Products for Personalisation?


Products within our Personalisation Apps can be displayed as either 2D images / drawings, Web GL 3D or Flash 3D

Web GL is gradually superseding Flash 3D and is our recommended option - everyday more and more PCs support Web GL

To check if your computer supports Web GL - go to

It is currently estimated that about 90% of devices can access Web GL - you can check what is supported on this webpage

This is a higher percentage than the other 3D option flash as although flash is available on all desktops it is not available on any mobile or tablet devices

Mobile & Tablets currently account for around 35% of all internet access

Desktop computer access is now dominated by Google Chrome @ 60% which is fully Web GL compatible

For the latest statistics on other browser usage please visit 

Please note if you want to use WebGL on desktop and 2D on desktop - we can provide 2 different links to website users

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