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Understanding Dynamic Pricing


PERSONALISE-iT Apps can also be used to calculate the price of a product as it is personalised and pass this value into your eCommerce website

The following variables can change the price

  1. Image Attributes - we can auto recognise both the number of colours in an image and the number of stitches so are able to store prices in the ecommerce section of ACP for both of these variables as well as set charges - so prices can be calculated based on images uploaded
  2. Print Areas - the number of areas personalised can change the price - you can set a price that will be multiplied by each area and added to the base price of a product
  3. Attributes - you can add unlimited attributes to a product like size, packaging etc - each attribute can add a price to a base product
  4. Effects - an effect such as Emboss - can add a different price to the base price of a product 

Both base product prices and dynamic image attribute prices can be stored as tiered prices so their prices can be changed based on quantity ordered as well customisation

The system is fairly flexible so if any of these prices are stored in your eCommerce website and you are using the EPA API it can use these prices instead of the prices in ACP - for Magento users our Personalise-iT extension handles all of this automatically

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