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Custom forms on website


Most effective, well written and free available plugin for creating custom forms on magento websites:



- simple standard extension installation process and configuration

- module available in admin under "Web-forms" tab in navigation after installation

- successfully tested on several magento websites and various versions up to magento 1.9

- directly in admin you can create any number of web forms and insert them in your pages or CMS blocks via widget.


Inserting a Web-forms widget in CMS page / block:

  • - when in CMS page or static block "content" tab click "Insert Widget" and you will see something like:

  • - here you choose "Web forms" in the "Widget Type" dropdown and finaly you choose from your forms in the "Widget Options" box. This will paste widget code to your CMS page content
  • Now after refreshing the page view on frontend you can see your custom form displaying


- all forms are fully manageable in admin pannel (fields, fieldsets, styling, result messages) - no coding needed

- queries are being stored locally (database) and you can as well configure email recipient for each form separately


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