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How to set Worldpay


How to set Worldpay

Website where is the Worldpay working:

1) Setup the magento backend like on createtown + set test account

2) Set the testing worldpay account

Please set the fields with your site name url details:

Payment Response URL:
Payment Response enabled? YES
Shopper Redirect URL:
Enable the Shopper Response: YES
Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email? YES

Add Payment Response passwor - The same add to  Magento admin
MD5 secret for transactions -  The same add to Magento admin

SignatureFields: amount:currency:instId:cartId:authMode:email

In magento admin set Testing mode

3) You can create test order with testing cards - Find on google Worldpay test cards...

4) If it is working, the order go from magento to worldpay payment gateway: Go to worlpay setting of testing accoung, and at the bottom is function to copy testing accounts to live account. Copy the valuest there - to production mod.

5) In the magento backend set the LIVE mode.

The account is in live mode, you can create real live order, live payment in the Worldpay gateway.

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