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Setting up your Personalisation App for Mobile Usage


With an increasing number of users accessing the internet via their mobile device it is more and more important that your personalisation app works on mobile, tablet and desktop

All our standard apps work on desktop and tablet 

Mobile can be a bit more of challenge as the screen is a lot smaller so we have developed a special mobile layout

The mobile layout support almost all the features of other layouts in a simple mobile friendly way (including 2D & 3D) and to start using all you need to do is create a 2nd set of links with the mobile layout code 


Basic Layout

Mobile Layout

Both the ACP2 & Gamrent2 Layouts do have limited ability to be responsive but we think the best approach for mobile is a layout that was designed just for that purpose

Once you have created your mobile links you need to set up your website to deliver different links dependant on the device that is requesting them - we have done this for you with our Magento Personalise-iT Module



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