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Create-IT Services: Product Approval Process



If you are using our product creation services you will be notified once your products have passed through our internal QC stage and are ready for you to review.

Critical: It is important to review your products as soon as possible - failure to do so can cause unintentional project delays. 


How to Use the Approval System

CPPv2 Home Screen Dashboard offers information on products that are ready to review (Home screen >>).

  • Click on the Awaiting Approval buttons to access the Jobs List:


Alternatively, you can utilise this DIRECT LINK>>

Important Note: You will be prompted to login, so have your CPP details handy!


  • You will be presented with a list of the products in blue that are ready for you to review and approve
  • Click the review button (tick) on the row for a product to be taken to the approval page


The Approval Window has 6 elements:


  1. Product Name 
  2. The preview of the 2d or 3d product that we have created
  3. Zoom and Rotate Buttons (this is for 3D content only)
  4. Base Functionality Menus - these allow you to interact with the Product.
  5. Comments/Feedaback Box
  6. Pass / Fail Buttons 


Critical: You can add text, upload images, and change colours, depending on what functionality has been configured based on the information provided prior to production. 


Important Note: You can click on the 3d model to rotate, or use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out.


  • If you are happy with the visual appearance of the product and the basic functionality click on PASS.
  • If there are any visual amends needed then detail them in the comments box provided and click on FAIL.


Products that are approved are moved to your category in CPP and automatically locked.  Products which are failed are sent back to the product creation team to be updated.  Once updated they will appear in the jobs queue once again for you to review.

A history log of previous change requests is visible on the QC page for reference.


Critical: The approval page will not show galleries, dynamic designs, product selectors, custom configs or anything URL driven that may be required to finalise the product (please see the section at the end on 'Working with your products')



Working with your products

Once products are approved they are automatically added to your category in CPP for you to access. 

Once you are ready to add your products to your website, you can use the Smartlink builder to generate your URL. 

Top Tip: Liaise with your Project Manager if you require any assistance finalising your Smartlinks for your products.




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