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Placing a Test Order Using the Check/Money Order Payment Method


You can place test orders from your Magento site without the need to pay for the order, using the Check/Money Order payment method.

Enabling the Payment Method

To do this, first you will need enable the Check/Money Order payment method.  You can enable this payment method by logging into the backend of Magento and going to System>Configuration>Sales>Payment Methods.

In the main section of the screen, open out the tab for the Check/Money Order payment method, enable it and click Save.

Placing an Order

Now that the payment method has been enabled, you can place the test order on the front end of the Website.

Go through the normal process of personalising a product and adding it to cart.  Checkout in the normal way but when you get the payment method stage, select the Check/Money Order payment method before going through to place the order.

Setting the Order to Processing

Now that the order has been placed we need to change the order status from Pending to Processing.  Until an order is in a processing state, it will not be passed to the supplier for fulfillment.

To set the order to Processing, log into the backend of Magento and go to Sales>Orders.  Click on the order that you have just placed to view the details of the order.

In the top right of the screen click Invoice and at the bottom of the subsequent screen, click Submit Invoice.  The order should now be in a state of Processing.

Within 30 mins of the order being set to Processing, the CPP will have generated the associated artwork and the supplier will be able to fulfill the order.

Regular Visitors to the Site and the Check/Money Order Payment Method

Although normal visitors to the site will be able to select the Check/Money Order payment method while you have it enabled, they will not be able to set the order to processing and therefore the order won't be fulfilled by the supplier.

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