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Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide - Section 08: Misc. Menu


Section 08: Misc. Menu

The Misc. Menu features the Product Categories and Companies tabs (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

8.1 Product Categories - Shows the user’s Category Folders and how they are structured on the CPP (see Figure 2). It is possible for users to create and manage their own category folders from this menu.


 Figure 2


To add a new sub-category folder, simply right click on the parent folder and select 'Subcategories'. You can then input a new folder name and hit save to create the category. It is then possible to search for these categories using the Search facility in Product Manager and actively populate them with products.



Using the same process, you can edit an existing category by selecting the 'Edit' tab. You can then change the category name, or delete the category. You cannot delete categories that contain products on CPP - this is a fail-safe to avoid accidental product deletions.

Once a category folder is opened in Product Manager, any products can be selected using the '+' icon, then Moved, Copied, or Duplicated into another category.

Important Note: When moving or duplicating products, ensure that you have the source category folder selected on CPP (using the category search menu). Failure to select a source category may result in errors when moving or duplicating products to another folder.

8.2 Companies (This is only available with certain subscriptions) - Show Company information that is associated with the user account (see Figure 3). This information can be updated at any time.

Figure 3

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