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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 01: Introduction


Section 01: Introduction

1.1 Overview

It is advised that new Creator's read the Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide and the Create Your First Articles before continuing, as it is presumed throughout that the user has basic knowledge of the Custom Product Platform (CPP) interface and navigation.

The 2d Product Creation | Menu Reference Guide is a companion document and can be read alongside this User Guide. It is an image based guide that highlights the User Interface.

Note: Clicking on any section title of the user guide will take you to the relevant page in the menu reference guide (where available).

The processes outlined in this User Guide are based on the assumption that the user has rudimentary skills using image editing software, therefore that particular aspect of the creation process is not detailed. Tutorials and guides on using image editing software can be found online.

The CPP is under constant development, therefore new functions and options are regularly being added to the system to expand the available tool-set. Any news or developments will be publicised via the Custom Gateway Official Blog and added to the 2d Product Creation | Feature Briefs section of the knowledge base. It's worth checking back regularly to see what we've been up to!

The purpose of the User Guide articles is to provide a comprehensive technical overview of the 2D Product creation process, and serve as an in-depth guide to assist in the configuration of 2D Products on CPP.

Each aspect of the creation process will be explored and related workflows will be highlighted throughout, detailing the functionality options that are available on the CPP.


1.2 Common Terminology

Some functions and tools may be referred to by multiple terms and/or may have similar sounding names to other functions etc. In order to minimise any potential confusion, here is a list of the most commonly used terms with regards to 2D Products. The primary terms as used on the CPP will be explained in further detail throughout this document as each aspect is detailed.

2D Product: (aka) 2D Template, 2D Model

- A product that has been set up on the CPP based 2d imagery.

2D View Background (aka) 2D View Image, Product Image

- Refers to the image that used to represent the product.

2D View Mask - a mask uploaded with the 2D View image to control where personalisation can appear on screen

CPP - Custom Product Platform

User - (aka Creator) The person responsible for the 2D Product configuration.

End User - The customer

Category Folder - A folder on the CPP that stores 2D Products

Output file - The artwork/print file that the CPP generates to be printed

Print Area (aka) Surface Area -  Refers to the defined personalisation area on the 2D Product

Print Dimensions - Physical measurements of the required output file in mm

Artwork - An image / design that is uploaded to the Print Area of a product

Pre-Designed Product - A 2D Product that features a piece of Artwork (aka a Personalised Product)

Image Gallery - A collection of preset images uploaded to the CPP


1.3 General Requirements

In order to create 2D Products on the Custom Product Platform, the user must have access to the following:

  • PC / Laptop / Tablet
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to the Gateway CPP and creation privileges via a Personalise-iT Subscription
  • Relevant Image Editing Software


1.4 Software Options

The industry standard image editing software / artwork editor is Adobe Photoshop. As such, Photoshop is used internally as the tool of choice for creating 2D Products. This is not a strict requirement, any relevant software can be used as an alternative as all of the principles are transferable between them. Here is a list of the most popular image editing software packages that can be used to create 2D Products:

Adobe Photoshop - requires monthly subscription -

Autodesk Pixlr (available for free online use and built into the Gateway CPP located under the General menu > Artwork Editor)

GIMP - available for free download here - - available for free download here -

Corel Draw - requires purchase -


Note: We do not provide training on how to use specific artwork editors and the tools within them. Tutorials and information can be found online.


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