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Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide - Section 01: Introduction


Section 01: Introduction

The Getting Started Guide has been created to serve as an introductory guide to the Custom Product Platform (CPP), providing an overview of the system and its core features.

To navigate through the articles within this guide, you can use the Contents page. This can be accessed from any article in this guide via the link at the bottom of each page. Each article contains a direct link to the next article in the guide.

Important Note: Some of the menus or features discussed throughout these articles may not be available for all users. This is dependant on subscription type.


1.1 Common Terminology

CPP - Custom Product Platform

Category Folder - A folder on the CPP that stores 2D / 3D Products

Image Gallery - A collection of predefined images uploaded to the CPP

User - The person using the CPP

Product - Refers to a 2D (or 3D) product on the CPP


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