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Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide - Section 09: Product Management


Section 09: Product Management

9.1 Product Manager

The Product Manager contains all Products that the user has access to. It can be broken down into three specific sections (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

A - Product Search Menu

See knowledge base article 04 : Search Menu for information on this.

B - Product Information

From left to right: Product thumbnail, Product ID (on the CPP), SKU, Product Name, Supplier, Space (2D or 3D) and Lock status (set by Gateway 3D Staff).

C - Product Functions

From left to right: Edit, Select, Duplicate and Delete buttons.



EDIT - Opens the Basic Details window so that the Product Information can be changed (as displayed in B). From here it is also possible to change the Product Configuration (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

SELECT (+ Icon) - Makes the Product an active selection. Can be used in conjunction with the ‘With Selected’ drop down menu located at the top of the page to perform several actions (see Figure 3) including:

  • Move - Move the product to a different category folder (origin folder of the product must be open)
  • Copy - Copies the product and references it in another folder. It does not create a new product on the system. Any change made to the product will be applied to all references.
  • Duplicate - This creates a duplicated product with a new ID on CPP (origin category must be pre-selected). You can specify a target category for the duplicate product to be created within. This duplicate retains all of the Product Information and configuration settings as per the origin product. Important Note: This method is required to duplicate products that you only have READ access to eg Suppliers products or generic CPP products.
  • New Predesigned - enables the User to create a new predesigned product using the in-App tools based on the existing product setup. See: New Predesigned Tool for more information
  • New Print-on-Demand - Create POD products of one or multiple selected products.
  • Lock - Locks the product so the configuration cannot be changed. Also possible to perform a bulk lock (multiple products). Please note, users can ock products but cannot unlock them.
  • Unlock - Unlocks any locked products. Also possible to perform a bulk unlock (multiple Products). Only Gateway Staff have unlock privileges.
  • Place Order - Place a manual order using the selected product. The order will become visible in OMS / Print Manager.
  • Schedule Image Regeneration - Regenerates the Product Thumbnail on CPP (may take up several hours due to caching).
  • Discard Selection - Deselect any active (selected) products.

Figure 3

DUPLICATE - This is the secondary duplicate function on CPP (aka quick duplicate). Using this method, any duplicates are automatically added to the same Category Folder as the origin Product - there is no option to specify a target category. This duplicate includes all of the Product Information and configuration settings as per the origin product.

Important Note: If you only have READ access to a supplier category or generic products, then you will not be able to duplicate the product using this method, as it is not possible to duplicate into a folder that you only have READ access to.

DELETE - Deletes the Product from the CPP.


9.2 Category Actions

When a Category has been selected from the Search menu, a Category Action drop down menu will appear in the top right hand corner of the Product Manager (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

This drop down menu contains features that are applicable to the selected Category Folder. These include:

Export Sample-iT CSV

Generates a CSV file containing Sample-iT e-Commerce data for all Products within the selected Category Folder.

Export Personalise-iT CSV

Generates a CSV file containing Personalise-iT e-Commerce data for all Products within the selected Category Folder.

Create 2D Product

Creates a new ‘Blank’ 2D Product and adds it to the top of the Product Manager list within the selected Category Folder.


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