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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 15: SmartLink Builder


Section 15: SmartLink Builder

15.1 Overview

SmartLink Builder allows the user to generate custom URL links of the 2D Product, using different App Layouts, Preset Configurations, Category Folders and defined Image Galleries. The generated URL can then be added to a relevant product on your site to be displayed in an iFrame on the front end.

15.2 App Layout

An App Layout refers to the overall aesthetic and structure of the software interface. Currently there is a preset list of 15 App Layouts for users to select from. It should be noted that not all of the features added to the CPP are compatible with all App types. The default App Layout as used in Print Test is ACP as it is compatible with the most amount of CPP features. 

Some Apps have been created to cater for specific products/purposes:

Cards - Ideal for presenting Greetings Cards

Garment 2 - Great for Clothing

Mobile - Responsive App for mobile/tablet devices

Basic - Simplified/intuitive menus

Digital - Refined interface for multi-page products

For more detailed information, see page 14 of the CPP Product Guide:


Important Note: Due to the pace of product development, some features may not be available in all App Layouts.

It is possible for users to have a Bespoke App Layout that is completely unique. Bespoke App Layouts will incur a cost and so any enquiries should be made to the Explainers Team on +44 (0)330 500 1522

Information and examples of Standard Layouts and Bespoke Layouts can be found on our Demo site -

15.3 Company

The Company section links the product and any corresponding output files and/or saved samples with the selected company via a ‘guid’ code. In most cases, there will only be a single Company attributed to a user account, which will be selected by default.

15.4 Configuration

A configuration refers to the general layout and functionality elements within the selected App Layout interface. It can be used to control what tabs are visible, how they are ordered, plus additional options such as the Save Sample and Add To Cart facilities. The CPP features a preset list of several Configuration types depending on the user’s subscription type.

Information on Standard App Layout Configurations can be found here -

In some cases, a Custom Configuration may be required to structure or rename the tabs, and offer a unique combination of options in the interface. Users can also apply CSS to any App via a Custom Config. For more information on Custom Configurations, see this dedicated article. If this is required, please raise a support ticket by emailing with the details of the request.


15.5 Category

The user can load multiple 2D Products through a single URL by selecting a Category Folder. All 2D Products within the selected Category will then be selectable via a Product menu in the App.

For step by step instructions on creating a Product Selector, see: Creating A Product Selector

Important Note: The Products will only be displayed if the selected configuration supports Product Categories.

15.6 Gallery

Any user created galleries will appear within this section as selectable elements. Multiple galleries can be selected for each 2D Product URL. The selected galleries are pulled into the App within the Image menu for end users to select from. For information on creating Image Galleries, see 13. Personalise-iT Image Galleries.

15.7 Your SmartLink

The URL Link will dynamically update depending on what elements are selected within the SmartLink Builder facility (see Figure 1). Simply copy and paste this link into a browser tab to see the completed product with the selected options.

Figure 1.

15.8 QR Code

A QR Code is automatically generated, right click to Save-as and add to a website, facebook page, in store.

15.9 Adding the Smartlink to your site

Add the copied link to the Default iFrame URL field in the Gateway 3D tab of the product on your Magento site.


15.9 VIDEO 13

Demonstration of using Link Builder


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