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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 11: Effects


Section 11: Effects

Effects (also known as User Effects) work in two ways, they affect the Product visually to simulate specific branding methods, and they can affect the artwork that is generated by the system - or both. By default, selected effects will affect both output and the Product visual (compatibility permitting). This may not always be desirable, and therefore it is possible to stop the Effects affecting the output (see Print Effects detailed below).


The Effects menu contains a preset list of print and visual effects (see Figure 1) - this is likely to increase.

Any combination of effects can be selected for each 2D Product. If multiple Effects are enabled, then it is possible for the end user to switch between them during personalisation.

Important Note: Some effects (such as Deboss) may be influenced by the text colour. Change the default colour to lighter or darker shade to achieve a subtler or stronger effect.

It is also possible to set default effects on a per Text Area and per Image Area basis. To do this open the selected area details and select an effect from the 'Default Effect' drop-down menu.

An example product with various effects enabled can be found here:

Print Effects

To apply a specific Print Effect to the artwork generated by the system, a Print Effect needs to be set within the Print Area settings. This works independently from the general Effects and only applies to generated artwork - it will not affect the 2D Product visually. This allows users to set a visual Effect that is completely different to the Print Effect applied to the output.

In order for the Print Effects to work correctly, it is necessary to disable 'Print Apply User Effects' (found in the Print Area Settings). This stops the general Effects from affecting the output generated by the system.

11.1 VIDEO 10

Demonstration of Effects setup


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