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Overview of Product Types Supported by Gateway CPP


Gateway CPP supports the following types of customisable products - all can be created in the Product Management Section

1. Print on Demand Products are added via the Print on Demand App - then select products and choose Print on Demand to upload images and create artwork

Products can then be displayed as either a static image / thumbnail or displayed as a sample ID in a Personalisation App to change colour and size etc

2. Configurable Products are when a product is made up of a series of parts - you create a single product then upload each of the changeable parts separately - these are 3D only

3, Personalised Products can be 2D or 3D can either be 

a) No preview - you just capture the text personalisation required and pass to the order manager - you just need to upload a thumbnail

b) Live Preview - lets the user create the product in real time before adding to cart 

c) Delayed Preview - combined a) & b) so you can either order without seeing a preview or see a preview after you have added your text

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