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What is a No Preview App


No Preview products are designed for products with text personalisation only and as the name suggests allow you to personalise a product without a preview but still generate the artwork in the Order Management System 

No preview products are displayed using the No Preview Personalise-it App (within  a mini iframe or javascript pop up) - Typical example below

Example Link

it won't load without a valid callback URL, which the Personalise-iT module will add automatically for Magento websites This will just display the text boxes in an iframe so they can be added to any webpage easily - you can also use the delayed preview option to pass the text to these fields from other websites without displaying

Here is an example app -  using a custom CSS stylesheet it can be used in the same way as ACP2 to style the text boxes in the iFrame anyway you want

When the user clicks 'Add to Cart' it will create a print job as per normal. User text etc can then be viewed from the print manager. Artwork will also be generated as per normal if a corresponding order is created. 

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