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Understanding Our Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)


Our CDN (provided by Amazon CloudFront) is a network of servers around the globe which are used to make sure that the Personalise-iT app loads as quickly and efficiently as possible for your users.

The CDN achieves this by storing a cached version of the app and product data in a physical location that is much closer to your users than our primary Manchester based data centre.

Serving an app from the CDN is also much faster due to the huge capacity of Amazon's network. It also helps to take the strain away from our primary servers.

The downside of the CDN is that any changes you make to your products or other settings may take several hours to become visible. Modifications however are generally infrequent, so the advantages of the CDN more than make up for it.

Any app URLs that make use of the domain are being served by the CDN.

It is possible to always see a non-cached version of your URL by changing the app part to my.

For example, change:



Note: The lc and lo URL parameters must appear before the hash (#) in a CDN URL. All other parameters must appear after the hash. This is to increase the caching efficiency of the CDN.

Note: We do not normally offer SSL/TLS over the CDN. Please contact if this is a requirement.

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