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Importing Orders into OMS via CSV



Order Manager provides a simple way of importing orders via a CSV upload.

Currently the CSV import supports importing orders with items that are of the "Textual" item and the "External URL" types

 The following item types are not currently supported:

  • Print Jobs
  • Print on Demand
  • Plain Stock


CSV Format

The following table describes which columns can be included in your CSV. Some are mandatory and are denoted with an asterisks (*).

order.external_ref* Your own order reference
order.sale_datetime The date and time that the order was placed. The date format must be in the form YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, i.e. "2016-01-23 15:02:00"
order.shipping_company Company Name if used
order.shipping_address_1 Shipping Address 1
order.shipping_address_2 Shipping Address 2
order.shipping_address_3 Shipping Address 3
order.shipping_address_4 Shipping Address 4
order.shipping_address_5 Shipping Address 5
order.shipping_postcode Shipping Postcode
order.shipping_country Shipping Country
order.shipping_country_code Shipping Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
order.shipping_method Shipping Method
order.shipping_carrier Shipping Carrier
order.billing_address_1 Billing Address 1
order.billing_address_2 Billing Address 2
order.billing_address_3 Billing Address 3
order.billing_address_4 Billing Address 4
order.billing_address_5 Billing Address 5
order.billing_postcode Billing Postcode
order.billing_country Billing Country
order.customer_name Customer Name
order.customer_email Customer Email
item.sku Your item SKU
item.description Brief item description
item.colour Colour
item.size Size
item.quantity Quantity

Item type

Set to 1 for external URL items

Set to 5 for textual items


URL to your artwork (only for external URL items)

item.external_thumbnail_url URL to a thumbnail of your artwork (only for external URL items)
textual.field_name1 1st personalisation text field name
textual.field_value1 1st personalisation text field value
textual.field_name2 2nd personalisation text field name
textual.field_value2 2nd personalisation text field value
textual.field_nameN nth personalisation text field name
textual.field_valueN nth personalisation text field value


Uploading Your CSV

Your CSV can be uploaded by selecting the "Import from CSV" option from the "Actions" drop down in Order Manager.

Note: The "Import from CSV" option will only appear if a website has been selected as a search filter. The orders will be imported against the selected website.

CSV files can be collected from any ftp location that enables OMS to access the files You can either link the import to a single GUID ID - like imported orders or have a separate GUID for each customer (recommended). If you do not have the ability to create ftp folders we can do fir you 


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    Wilma Howell

    We don't see a field for product ID.  It is possible the same sku could have multiple product ids for different layouts.