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Main Application for Production Templates


The Production Batching process has many useful applications for improving the management / workflow of print or decoration companies 

Detailed below are some of the key tasks where this feature is currently being used

  1. Add artwork for products of the same type to a batch template so can be printed together - will wait till order volume correct to fill entire template
  2. Allocate orders to the correct production machine / area - each product can be associated with a template
  3. Updates Order Status when batch template created to “In Production” so customers know job in progress
  4. Adds bar codes to jobs to enable easy scanning
  5. Create a combined job / print sheet for a single product in any style / format you want so can despatch and print with a single document
  6. Create a bespoke despatch sheet for different company branding
  7. Auto re-size artwork to a specific size based on percentages and cropping rules
  8. Add crop and colour registration marks to a batch template - can be different for different products
  9. Add layers to a PDF so can be used as backing or cutlines for transfers
  10. Distribute orders via delivery country so production can happen in multiple fulfilment centres
  11. Create artwork in different formats to uit different production processes eg - Screen Print, Engraving or Embroidery

To start using production batching you just need to

a) Set up a Batch Template

b) Allocate that Batch Template to a product

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