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You’ve ordered some 2d/3d Products, what happens next...?


Process Overview

Once your order is placed and payment confirmed, you will be contacted via our Zoho Project Management system and asked to supply assets and setup information for your products. We request this because we don't know your products as well as you do, so we rely on the information that you provide to allow our Creators Teams to configure the Products to meet your expectations, and most critically your fulfilment requirements. We think of this information as an instruction manual that tells us how to put your products together.

For a detailed overview of the information that we require, please see this dedicated article:

> Everything you need to know about or Production Spreadsheet <


Critical: Failure to supply assets or product information will stop us from being able schedule into production - this will affect lead times. 

Critical: Failure to supply accurate or detailed information may have implications on how the Product is configured by the Creators Team. This can lead to Products being configured incorrectly. In these scenarios any change requests may be subject to additional costs.

Once we have the necessary information, the products will be added to our Jobs system and created to specification. As soon as these products are ready, you will be contacted and asked to review them via our Approval System where you can confirm the products.


Approval System

The approval system houses all of the products that are ready for your review. It should be noted that at this point, the User Interface and the Print Area functionality may not yet be as you desire - this stage primarily serves as a chance for you to assess the visual quality of the Product, basic functionality along with any colour changes etc.

Should you have any issues, please provide detailed feedback in the comments box of the Approval System and click Fail. Your comments will be reviewed based on the original specification and then passed on to the Creator to make the required alterations. After the alterations are made you will be provided an updated Approval Link. Once the model PASSES the approval stage, the product is added to your CPP account for you to access. 

Please see Product Approval Process for an in depth look into how the Approval System works.

Critical Note: Approval links will remain active for a period of two weeks (10 working days). If you have not reviewed the Products by the end of this period then the model will be automatically approved and locked.


Your Product Samples

Once the URL links have been supplied, you will be contacted regarding your product samples (if applicable). Unfortunately we do not provide a returns service and therefore politely ask that you arrange collection. We will need a Courier name and an estimated collection date to avoid confusion, as parcels are collected on a regular basis. Alternatively, if the samples are no longer wanted, we can donate them to charity or dispose of them accordingly. Our office is open from 08:00am - 18:30pm and the address is:


Custom Gateway

Pinewood Court,

Larkwood Way,

Tytherington Business Park

SK10 2XR



United Kingdom


Important Note: We do not provide a laundry and pressing service for garments prior to photography so if possible we strongly recommended that you take your own photos for clothing products rather than send product samples through the post.


Further Information / Queries

Should you have any questions regarding the information in this document, you can contact your Onboarder (if you are new to Custom Gateway) - or contact if you are an existing customer.



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