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You’ve ordered some 2d/3d Products, what’s next...?


Once your order is placed, you will be contacted via our Ticketing system and asked to supply information for your products. Generally, you will be provided with a direct link to an online Google Spreadsheet.

Important Note: You don't have to download or manually save the spreadsheet - this is a cloud based document, so any changes that you make are automatically saved. 

All fields marked in Cyan should be completed with as much information as possible prior to Production, along with any specific requirements regarding the visual presentation or functionality. This information acts as an instruction manual for us to create and configure the Products to meet your expectations.


Critical Note: Any delay in providing the product or print dimensions may lead to the job being rescheduled and the delivery date being pushed back.


The following 3 points highlight to the most significant pieces of information that we require:

Product and Print Area dimensions

Production cannot begin until we at least have both the product and print area dimensions, as this ensures that the Products are accurate both visually and for print purposes. Ideally, the print dimensions should be supplied as a labelled print guide/template along with an example print file if possible. This gives us a visual reference for print area position and scale on the product and ensures . All measurements should be clearly labelled in relation to width, height, depth or diameter in mm, and should contain bleed if required.



This refers to how the Product will appear / be displayed. Factors such as angle, direction, state (eg open/closed) should be considered. If no information is supplied in this field, we will present the Product in a logical way based on the product samples that we have, or the images that have been provided.


Product Colour Options

Colour information is relevant if you want the product to be colour changeable within the App. It is vital to the configuration of the Products and should be supplied prior to production. Ideally colour options should be detailed as colour names and Hex references. If no specific colour values are supplied, we will take samples from the product photography or website images if they are available to us.

Important Note: If no colour information is available, we will assume that the samples or images provided are an accurate representation of the product range and will continue on that basis.



Some products may be more complex and have patterns or fixed colour variations that the Colour System on the CPP cannot fulfil. If this is the case, then for 2d products we need an image of each version of the product.

For 3d products we will create the colour options as ‘Textures’ to accurately represent the option. Rather than an overlay colour being applied to a specific part of the model, a texture is akin to a custom paint job so offers greater flexibility. Instead of having a colour swatch, textures are represented as a thumbnail of the product in that particular colour variation. In most cases, we can rename the Texture menu tab in the software layout to something more suitable - should it be required. 



Failure to send accurate Product Samples, or to supply specific / detailed information, may have implications on how the 2D/3D Procuct is configured by the Creators Team. If Production is already under way, changes to the original specification may result in additional work and therefore incur additional costs. Any changes will be reviewed on an individual basis against the original specification document to determine the complexity and estimated time scale of the required alterations. 


Approval Links

Once the Products have been created, they will be reviewed internally, and then passed on to you in the form of an Approval Link. It should be noted that at this point, the User Interface and the Print Area functionality may not yet be as you desire - this stage primarily serves as a chance for you to assess the visual quality of the Product, basic functionality along with any colour changes.

Should you have any issues, please provide detailed feedback in the comments box of the Approval System and click Fail. Your comments will be reviewed based on the original specification and then passed on to the Creator to make the required alterations. After the alterations are made you will be provided an updated Approval Link. Once the model PASSES the approval stage, the product is added to your CPP account for you to access. 


Please see Product Approval Process for an in depth look into how the Approval System works.


Critical Note: Approval links will remain active for a period of two weeks (10 working days). If you have not reviewed the Products by the end of this period then the model will be automatically approved and the job will either progress for templating (if applicable), or be closed. If the ticket is closed then any issues will then have to be raised in a separate support ticket which will be scheduled accordingly. Support tickets can be raised by emailing 



Your Product Samples

Once the URL links have been supplied, you will be contacted regarding your product samples (if applicable). Unfortunately we do not provide a returns service and therefore politely ask that you arrange collection. We will need a Courier name and an estimated collection date to avoid confusion, as parcels are collected on a regular basis. Alternatively, if the samples are no longer wanted, we can donate them to charity or dispose of them accordingly. Our office is open from 08:00am - 18:30pm and the address is:


Custom Gateway

Pinewood Court,

Larkwood Way,

Tytherington Business Park

SK10 2XR



United Kingdom


Important Note: We do not provide a laundry and pressing service for garments prior to photography so if possible we strongly recommended that you take your own photos for clothing products rather than send product samples through the post.


Further Information / Queries

Should you have any questions regarding the information in this document, you can contact us through the Production Ticket for your order. A member of the team will be notified and will get back to you as soon as possible.



Custom Gateway Creators Team

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