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Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide - Section 06: Sample-iT Menu


Section 06: Sample-iT Menu

The Sample-iT menu contains all features that are associated with Products configured with Sample-iT functionality. This includes the Visualiser, Sample Manager, Sample Enquiries, Proof Manager, Sample Statistics and Image Galleries (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

6.1 Visualiser - Displays the user’s 3D Products in the Gateway3D Visualiser window (See Figure 2). Functionality can be tested and Sample PDF’s can be generated.

Important Note: The Visualiser is due to be replaced by Visualiser Beta.

Figure 2

6.2 Visualiser Beta - Latest version of the Visualiser and includes both 3D and 2D Products. Features updated functionality, a simplified interface and renders the 3D Products using the latest WebGL rendering technology (See Figure 3).

Important Note: Not all 3D Products are compatible with Visualiser Beta.

Figure 3

6.3 Sample Manager - Lists any generated Product Samples that are associated with the user account (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

6.4 Sample Manager Beta - Latest version of the Sample Manager. Features updated interface, additional functionality, and utilises Visualiser Beta to produce the Product visuals.

Any created samples can be edited - this will open the Sample Manager Beta feature window for the selected Product (see Figure 5). This includes Basic, Link Builder, Place Order, Create Proof, Add Enquiry and Assets tab menus.

  • Basic - Contains basic information related to the Product Sample
  • Link Builder - Selectable URL to view the Product Sample
  • Place Order - Order the Product (only available for Personalise-iT Products and the relevant subscription type).
  • Create Proof - Save a visual Proof of the Product Sample (only available for users with a Sample-iT Pro subscription.
  • Add Enquiry - Make an enquiry based on the created Sample.
  • Assets - Lists all associated assets

Figure 5

6.5 Sample Enquiries - Stores customer made enquiries, along with all associated Product information and Sample Manager links (See Figure 6).

Figure 6

6.6 Sample Statistics - Provides statistics for the number of Sample Products created that are associated with the user account (see Figure 7). The Samples can be filtered based on a specified time period or by username.

Figure 7

6.7 Image Galleries - Lists user created Image Galleries (See Figure 8).

Important Note: Sample-iT Image Galleries are only supported in the Visualiser and NOT Visualiser Beta.

Figure 8

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