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Gateway CPP | Getting Started Guide - Section 05: General Menu


Section 05: General Menu

The General Menu features both User and Product Management facilities, along with App Layout information and the in-built Artwork Editor (See Figure 1).

Figure 1

5.1 User Management - Can be used to manage and create Sub-User accounts within the company. This feature is dependant upon the user’s access level.

5.2 Customisable Only Product Management - Opens the Product Manager and lists all Products that the user has access to on the CPP (based on associated Category Folders). Users with a Personalise-iT subscription have creation privileges to create new 2D or 3D Products on the CPP.

5.3 Combined Product Management - Similar to Customisable Only Product Management, but it also displays Stock items and Print On Demand Products in the Product Manager List.

5.4 App Layouts - Displays layouts associated with the user account. By default, this is accessible to Gateway Staff Only.

5.5 Artwork Editor - The CPP features an integrated online Artwork Editor called Pixlr (see Figure 2). This can be accessed at any time and can be used to create, edit and save images or artwork files - all from within the browser. Users with a Personalise-iT Subscription can also use Pixlr to create 2D Products. General tutorials for Pixlr can be found HERE.

Figure 2

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