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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 16: Troubleshooting


Section 16: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Checklist

Please check this document for the most common basic problems.


The added personalisation is not appearing on the product


Check to make sure that the Print Area is assigned to the correct 2D View/Aspect within the Print Area settings. There is a 2D View/Aspect dropdown menu of all created 2D Views for the product. The Image/Text Area settings should then be checked to ensure that they are assigned to the correct Print Area in the ‘Surface’ dropdown menu. If the problem persists, it may be related to one of the uploaded masks.

If unassigned, the system will flag an error in RED at the top of the page:



One other thing to check is that any coordinates used are not too big for use with the 2d view image / Aspect file. For instance, if the image is 800x800 pixels and a positional coordinate for the print area is anything greater, then this will not be visible on-screen.



If you utilise negative x and y, or width and height values, this can stop the product from loading in some browsers.


The output file is the wrong size?

Check the Print Area - is the actual print area set up to the right size in mm (at 300dpi)?

Do you have a Print Area Layout set up on the product?


Why are the colours not appearing correctly on the product?

The Colour Area facility works best with white / lightly coloured products as it overlays the colour on top of the 2D View Background image. If the imagery used is dark or coloured, any colour added in the CPP may appear different than expected. If using a Colour Area mask, make sure it is set to the correct view.


The colours appear on the 2D Product, but are not appearing on the output?

This feature must be enabled within the settings for the specified Print Area by ticking the ‘Print Apply Colours’ check box.


Replacing and removing artwork associated with a Print Area and 2D View/Aspect

When an artwork file is uploaded to a Print Area, the 2D View Background of the product gets ‘stamped’ with the artwork in pixels to reflect the design. This artwork file can be removed from the CPP, or replaced with another artwork file and this will update the output that the system generates. Unfortunately, removing artwork will not revert the 2D View Background to appear blank. Also, any replaced artwork will get ‘stamped’ on top of the previous artwork design in the 2D View Background. To resolve both issues, the original 2D View files will need to be re-uploaded and the old one deleted from the CPP.

Once a 2D View has been re-uploaded to the CPP, the system will consider it as a ‘New’ view, and therefore any specified relationships between the old 2D View and the Print Areas, Image Areas, Text Areas, Colour Areas etc will be lost. The user must recreate these relationships by selecting the relevant 2D View in the settings of each configurable element.


The Print Test is failing / producing an error message?

In almost all cases, a failed Print Test is directly related to a mistake in the 2D Products configuration. Re-trace your steps for any recently added functionality and make sure the relationships between the 2D Views, Print Areas, Colour Areas, Image Areas, Text Areas and Print Area Layouts are correctly assigned (where applicable).

Make a note of any error messages and raise a support ticket with all relevant information by emailing


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