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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 13: Personalise-iT Image Galleries


Section 13: Personalise-iT Image Galleries

13.1 Overview

With a Personalise-iT subscription, the user has the ability to create Image Galleries via the Personalise-iT menu on the CPP (see Figure 1). An Image Gallery is a folder stored on the CPP that contains a range of images. These images get referenced within the App, allowing the end user to select and add them to a product. The gallery is compatible with a range of image formats including PNG, JPEG, PDF and vector formats including PDF and EPS, and EMB / DST embroidery files.

Important Note: Utilising vector or embroidery formats will require the use of ACP3 app with an appropriate GUID to deliver the relevant artwork format. Please liaise with your project manager to ensure this is set up accordingly. 

Figure 1.


Creating a new Image Gallery consists of adding a Gallery name, and saving it. Once saved, the Gallery can then be populated with images via the Upload or Bulk Upload options.  Images should be named as certain app layouts allow the option to display either a thumbnail or the title of the gallery image to the user.

During the bulk upload process it is possible to specify the thumbnail mode (pad to fit or crop to fit).  Pad to fit adds empty space to non-square images to create a 1:1 thumbnail whereas crop to fit will keep the original aspect ratio of the image in the thumbnail.

Important Note: Image Areas can have both general Image Upload and Image Gallery facilities. The user can specify so that ONLY gallery images can be uploaded using the ‘Only Allow Gallery Images’ checkbox in the Image Area settings (see Section 5. Image Areas).

User created Image Galleries will be available to select during the URL configuration process (see 15. SmartLink Builder). They have to be enabled as part of the URL structure in order for the images to be pulled through into the App. Alternatively, galleries can be linked directly with the Image Area via the 'Linked Gallery' drop down menu.

Additional information on the creation of image galleries is available in this article.

13.2 VIDEO 12

Demonstration of an Image Gallery setup

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