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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 12: Print Test


Section 12: Print Test

12.1 Overview

The Print Test facility allows users to assess the configured functionality of the 2D Product and the output file(s) generated by the system. A Print Test can be carried out at any point throughout the 2D Product configuration, and is accessed via the Basic Details menu.

Currently, Raster PNG output files will be produced in the print test facility by default. It is also possible to generate Vector PDF files by changing the Output Type via the dropdown menu.

Important Note: It is recommended that Users Print Test the product configuration often to ensure all is functioning as expected.

To locate the Print Test facility, log into CPP, click Edit on the product you would like to Print Test. This will open the Basic Details page for the selected product. The Print Test menu is located at the bottom of this screen.

Clicking ‘Start Test’ (see Figure 1) will load the 2D Product and the associated functionality, allowing you to interact with the product as per the products current configuration.

Figure 1.

Clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button will generate thumbnails and example print output files for each Print Area (see Figure 2), taking into account any uploaded imagery or text. Any Print Area Layout outputs will be shown under the 'Merged outputs' header. 

Figure 2.

The output file(s) can be taken into image editing software (eg Photoshop) to check its size and accuracy.

Important Note: If a Print Test fails, it is likely that there is a problem with how the 2D Product has been configured. 

12.2 VIDEO 11

Demonstration of a Print Test


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