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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 09: Print Area Layouts


Section 09: Print Area Layouts

9.1 Overview

A Print Area Layout allows the user to combine multiple outputs (from several defined Print Areas) into a single ‘Merged’ output file. This is often needed to meet specific fulfilment requirements.

It can also be used to repeat the output from a single Print Area multiple times on the same output, and layer files on top of each other (eg to add crop marks to a print file).

The user must specify the total size of the Print Area Layout in mm (this is the full print sheet that will be created), and then add each individual Print Area output as a ‘New Item’ (selectable from the Surface Area drop down). You can then position each Item on the sheet using the X and Y coordinates (mm), and the rotation angle as required (see Figure 1). Essentially, you are plotting a position within the specified Print Area Layout for the artwork file/s to be placed.

Important Note: Coordinates are based on the top-left corner of the print area layout and are defined in mm.

Figure 1.

It is possible to create multiple Print Area Layouts for a 2D Product.

A more detailed look at print area layouts can be found in this article

Important Note: Generally, the layer order is based on the creation order of the items - although this isn't a definitive rule as there is not an explicit ordering system in place. It is advised that you Print Test, and amend as necessary to achieve the layering results you required.

Be sure to utilise tranparency in your artwork files should you wish to overlay them effectively. For example, if you wish to add crop marks to a print output you would make the crop marks as one item and the print output as the other. It is possible to then get crop marks to sit on top of the artwork in the merged file.


9.2 VIDEO 08

Demonstration of Print Area Layout Configuration


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