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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 08: Font Sizes & Colours


Section 8: Font Sizes & Colours 

8.1 Overview

The Font Sizes & Colours menu allows users to set a range of selectable font sizes, and add a list of selectable font colours. Once a value has been added into the font size slot, and / or a colour name and hexadecimal value, the information must be saved before a new slot is provided for further additions.

Example: 0xffffff = White

Font size is represented as CSS pixels.

Important Note: In some older Apps, the input value will always get doubled within the App display, so a value of 10 on CPP is actually displayed as 20 in the App (this is for Legacy reasons). Added sizes must be whole numbers as it is not possible to split pixels.

The pixel value specified on the CPP is relative to the specified surface area (in pixels) - not the specified print area size in mm. To explain this further, take a look at the information for 2 products in the table below.


SURFACE AREA = 200X200px SURFACE AREA = 200X200px
PRINT SIZE = 100X100mm PRINT SIZE= 10X10mm


Based on the 2 products above, the output files that the system would produce would obviously be very different in size (100x100mm vs 10x10mm). This means the text in the output file of PRODUCT A is much bigger than the text in the output file of PRODUCT B - even though the font size is the same on CPP (50). The on-screen text however would be displayed the same because both products share the same Surface Area space (200x200px). 

More information on CSS Pixels can be found here:

Important Note: The specified Font Size & Colour information will be available for ALL Text Areas created for the 2D Product. It is not possible to assign varied size options to different Text Areas.


8.2 VIDEO 07

Demonstration of adding Font sizes & colours


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