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2d Product Creation | User Guide - Section 03: Creating a 2d Product


Section 03: Creating a 2d Product 

3.1 Overview

With a Personalise-iT Subscription, you will have Read and Write access to unique Product Category Folders on the CPP, allowing the appropriate product creation and editing privileges.

There are currently two possible ways to create a 2D Product, the approach depends on whether the intention is to create an entirely ‘New’ product, or a variation of a pre-existing one (eg a Supplier product that you have access to).

3.2 Creating a ‘New’ 2D Product

Firstly, you must navigate to the Product Management tab (via the General menu on the CPP) and using the Search Menu, find/select a Target Category Folder as the destination for the new product to be added to. Once selected, a Category Action drop down menu will appear in the top right hand corner of the CPP interface (see Figure 1). This drop down menu features the option to ‘Create 2D Product’.

Figure 1.

Important Note: The Category Actions dropdown menu will not be available unless the user has selected a category folder to create the new product in.


3.3 Creating a 2D Product by duplicating an existing 2D Product

Any existing 2D Product can be duplicated to create a separate product on the CPP, giving it a unique Product ID. All existing data and files are retained during the duplication process, it is then possible to alter the general product information and the configured functionality as necessary.

The ‘With Selected’ Category Action drop down menu (see Figure 3) appears when the 2D Product is ‘selected’ using the Select (+) button (see Figure 3). This menu features a ‘Duplicate’ option that leads to a Target Category window, allowing you to select a specific Category Folder for the duplicated 2D Product to be placed within. This method allows multiple duplication's at once based on which 2D Products are selected at the time of duplication. 

Important Note: It is necessary to use this duplication option when working with Suppliers or Generic products on CPP. By default, you will only have READ access to the pre-approved supplier folder. 

Figure 3.

In most instances, the duplication facility is used to allow you to create variations of the same product, in which you can apply different pieces of artwork. These types of products are known as Personalised / Pre-Designed Products, in reference to the artwork designs that appear on them by default.

It is also possible to utilise the New Predesign and New Print On Demand Routines to create new versions of a product more efficiently.

Important Note: Duplicating a product will also copy any associated eCommerce data from the origin product.

3.4 VIDEO 01

Introduction to 2D Product Creation


3.5 VIDEO 02

Demonstration of 2D Product creation and duplication methods


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