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Using Visualiser Beta


The Visualiser (Beta) is designed to quickly provide a visual or Virtual Sample of a product with artwork applied to it so this can be presented to a client for approval.  Visualiser (Beta) is accessed via a log-in to the Custom Product Platform in the Sample -iT menu.

Once the Visualiser is loaded the first thing to do is to select a suitable product for the enquiry you are dealing with.  This is done from the Change Product tab in the right hand menu. Either use the keyword search or select the highlighted drop down menu for a list of categories by supplier name or product type.

Once the category is selected the thumbnails will display the contents with relevant product name.  Clicking the thumbnail with load the 2D or 3D product.

If colour options are available for the product these will be displayed in the colour tab.  Selecting the swatch will change the colour on the product.  If multiple colour areas are available of the selected product a drop down menu will display the options.

To add an image to the product, select the Add Images tab.  Select the image area you would like to add the image to from the dropdown menu. If you have Images Galleries set up, maybe for specific clients logos, images can be selected from here or use the Add Image button.

This allow uploading from you local computer or various social media platforms and well as an online clip art gallery.


Select the Add Text tab for adding any lettering required.  Individual text areas are set up on a per product basis and simply type the text as required which loads immediately onto the product. 600+ Google fonts are available from the dropdown list.  Controls are displayed for moving, rotating and resetting the text and a dropdown for font point size.

When you are happy with the Virtual Sample simply click on the Save button.

This will generate different formats the samples can be presented to a client.

The sample Name and Any Notes will display on the PDF presentation sheet.  Various static images can be generated by ticking any of the Image Options tick boxes. The PDF option are the number viewing angles of the product on the PDF presentation sheet.  All are available from a 3D model as snapshots are automatically generated at appropriate angles.  For 2D templates the only views will be the same as the amount of views available of the actual product.

The PDF presentation can be personalised with your own header and footer details.

The animated GIF works on the 3D visuals and provides a continually rotating image of the product.

The MPEG file can be used on Virtual Sample display pyramids as shown here



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