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Text Areas | Single and Multiline Text Shuffle




It is possible for specific parts of a text area’s placeholder text to be replaced with the contents of another text area. In it's most basic terms it is a word(s) substitution driven by user input.

In some ways this is a more powerful version of the text area synchronization feature as it also takes surrounding words into account and dynamically changes the spacing to accommodate any number of characters.

Important Note: This is an advanced text feature and is written on the basis that users have a strong grasp of configuring Text Areas on CPP.


1. Line or Paragraph Text Shuffling

To enable dynamic "text shuffle" you need to use placeholder text within your text area. The placeholder text must contain a special reference as shown in the example placeholder content below:

Happy Birthday ${Name} enjoy your day

The ${Name} part signifies that the software should substitute 'Name' (wherever defined) with the contents as input by the user.

Critical Note: It is necessary for the “Name” text area to be defined on the product as this will be the 'driver' that the user directly interacts with. The text area has to share the same name as the Shuffle Name; for example, ${Name} requires a text area called Name; ${Age} requires a text area named Age.

Important Note: You must set the position of your placeholder text to fall onto the page in the correct place. The 'driver' text area can be positioned on or off of the 2d canvas depending on requirements.

Top Tip: This sort of shuffling is ideal for Books or multi-page items where the users input should populate throughout.


Interactive Example:

Note that entering text into the “Cover Name” field will automatically update the text on the other pages.



2. Vertical Shuffling

Its possible to specify a multiline placeholder text such as:


${Line 1}

${Line 2}

${Line 3}


If the user enters values for “Line 1” and “Line 3” then “Line 2” will automatically be deleted and not leave a blank space between the other 2 lines.


Top Tip: This is ideal for address blocks etc



App Compatibility

Currently Text Shuffle is compatible with ACP2 / 3 and 3_2 only

Product Viewer JS 2.19.0


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