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WooCommerce Import


We offer the ability to import orders from a WooCommerce website by uploading CSVs to an FTP server. The order management system will then periodically import any CSVs found on the server.

Please contact, providing us with your FTP details so that the integration can be set up.

Uploading CSVs

Please ensure that your WooCommerce order CSVs have the following column headers, in exactly the same order:

  1. OrderID
  2. Date
  3. OrderStatus 
  4. Shipping 
  5. ShippingTax 
  6. Tax 
  7. CartDiscount 
  8. OrderDiscount 
  9. OrderTotal 
  10. PaymentMethod 
  11. ShippingMethod 
  12. BillingFirstName 
  13. BillingLastName 
  14. BillingEmail 
  15. BillingPhone 
  16. BillingAddress1 
  17. BillingAddress2 
  18. BillingPostcode 
  19. BillingCity 
  20. BillingState 
  21. BillingCountry 
  22. BillingCompany 
  23. ShippingFirstName 
  24. ShippingLastName 
  25. ShippingAddress1 
  26. ShippingAddress2 
  27. ShippingPostcode 
  28. ShippingCity 
  29. ShippingState 
  30. ShippingCountry 
  31. ShippingCompany 
  32. CustomerNote 
  33. ItemSKU 
  34. ItemName 
  35. ItemVariation 
  36. ItemAmount 
  37. RowPrice 
  38. OrderNotes 
  39. Coupons 
  40. OrderNumber

CSVs should be uploaded into the /orders folder on the FTP server.


Diagnosing Problem

The order management system will create a series of log files in the /archive folder on the FTP server which can be used to identify any problems.

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