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What are Companies? and how do they work?


Companies can either be Retailers or Suppliers / Printers - we split them into the following types

  • Self Fulfilment - eg Printer
  • Fulfilment Department - eg Printer - Production Method
  • Dropship - eg  Retailer - Supplier
  • Promotional - eg Promotional Supplier - supplying trade
  • Personalised - eg Personalised Supplier supplying trade

You can use a company for either your own production or third party fulfilment partners

It is normal for a single retailer / website to have multiple companies as this is how we route orders to the correct fulfilment area


23445 Gift Co - Printer 1

23445 Gift Co - Printer 2

Each company has a GUID (23445) which is then allocated against a specific product in the product management system

You can set up as many companies as you need in the "Companies" Section of the admin panel -

On this page you can 

  1. Add new companies / fulfillers
  2. Download Company Lists 
  3. Set up integration choices

Once a company has been added you can allocate it against a product and send orders to it in workflow manager


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