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Order Troubleshooting - what to check if your PERSONALISE-iT orders are not appearing in Order Manager


Things to check if an order isn’t going through to the order manager or showing as paid in the print manager.


Note that by default, the Personalise-iT “cronjob” is scheduled to run every 10 minutes.

For Magento Users

  1. Check that the Magento order is set to “Processing”. If the status is “Pending” then the order has not yet been paid for.


  1. Check that an API key and path have been set in Magento -> System -> Configuration -> G3D Personalise-iT Supplier Link Settings.


  1. Check the “Comments History” tab on the order details in Magento. If there is no reference to Personalise-iT then check that Magento’s cron job is running.
    2. Magento’s cronjob may also be run manually by loading cron.php (relative to the root URL) in your browser.
    3. If Magento’s cron has been verified as running but the order is still not going through then Magento’s cache should be cleared.
    4. Ensure that Magento’s cronjob is set to run at least once every 5 minutes. Higher values may jam its internal scheduling.
    5. If still nothing happens then consult Magento’s cron_schedule table for any “personalise-it” entries.


  1. Enable Magento’s logging system and check for any Personalise-iT output in var/logs/system.log and var/logs/exception.log


  1. Consult the below table for errors which may occur in “Comments History”.




Invalid key

API key is incorrect for the company ref ID specified on the product.

Use either the correct API key or the correct company ref ID.

Print job company mismatch

The print job created by the Personalise-iT app has a different company ref ID (GUID) then the company ref ID set on the Magento product.

May happen with heavily modified Magento sites or sites which have not properly implemented the Personalise-iT module’s template files.

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