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Using the mobile personalisation app for responsive design


The Personalise-iT Module has been designed to enable you to display different personalisation apps for different webstores - making it ideal if you have a desktop and mobile website

However there is an increasing trend towards responsive design where the standard module will not work - so we have developed the following approach to help accomodate this

You will need to edit the following file: personaliseit/product/view/media.phtml. The file will either be in app/design/frontend/base/default/template or another folder specific for your current Magento template.

Find the following line:

document.getElementById('personalise-it-iframe').src = url;

And replace it with this block of code:

var mobile = window.matchMedia && window.matchMedia("(max-width: 770px)").matches;

    <?php $query = http_build_query(array('a2cpost' => 1, 'epa' => $epa, 'ep3dUrl' => $callback, 'guid' => $product->personaliseit_company_ref_id)) ?>

    if(mobile) {
        src = '<?php echo "{$product->personaliseit_m_iframe_url}&{$query}" ?>';
    } else {
        src = '<?php echo "{$product->personaliseit_iframe_url}&{$query}" ?>';

    document.getElementById('personalise-it-iframe').src = src;

You can change the max-width media query to suit your needs.


We have made the following assumptions:

  • That your products all have both the personalise_iframe_url and personaliseit_m_iframe_url fields set to sane values
  • That you aren't making using of the Flash, WebGL or Legacy Easypromo3D URL fields
  • That you haven't made any changes to the personaliseit/product/view/media.phtml or other modifications that might alter the modules default behaviour.


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