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Photo Print App



The photo app allows a user to upload multiple photos either from their own device or from a social media source such as Facebook. The purpose of the photo app is to allow a customer to purchase prints of their own photos.

Unlike the majority of our other apps, the photo app does not allow the user to personalise a product and so does not need to be used in conjunction with a 2D or 3D product from the Gateway CPP.

The photo app can be accessed using the following URL:


Magento Integration

The photo app will integrate seamlessly with your Magento site when the Gateway3D Personalise-iT module is installed.

It is recommended that your create a "Photo" grouped product and use the above app URL as the value for the product's Personalise-iT Default iFrame URL field.

The photo app will then automatically allow the user to select from the associated simple products for each of their photos.

For example, if you wish to offer two photo print sizes (i.e. 10x10cm and 15x15cm) then both sizes should be simple products assigned to the same grouped product.

Each simple product requires a custom option with a SKU of "external_url". Unfortunately the Personalise-iT module does not currently automatically create this custom option, it must be created manually.

Bespoke Integrations

Please see the developer's wiki for instructions regarding how to integrate the app into your site.

Note: We do not currently offer the ability to automatically resize a user's photos based on the print size which they select. It is currently the responsibility of the supplier to correctly scale the user's photos.

Issues to Consider

The photo app controls quantity within itself as you can add multiple prints and add quantity for each print this means that if you add to the cart and you are able to change the quantity in the cart then it won't actually feedback into the app as you might have three different photo's and it would have no way of knowing which print it would need to add the quantity to. It is suggested that you make this clear on the site or if possible add logic to your cart so that you can't edit the quantity of photo print products. Lastly if it happens that a customer does increase the quantity in the basket and the order come through to the OMS then the quantity quoted on the order will be more, or less, than the actual amount of prints in the print job meaning that the quantities point of truth for print app orders is the amount of prints actually generated.

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